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Looking at Commercial Drivers License DWI

Are you a commercial driver that was stopped for a DWI?

The laws governing commercial drivers are strict. A commercial driver stopped for DWI may lose his commercial driver license for one year. This is the case even if the commercial driver was driving a private vehicle at the time of the offense. A driver stopped for DWI has 15 days to take action to avoid driver license suspension so he must act fast. As Texas legal procedures vary from county to county it is advisable to hire a local DWI attorney. If you have been arrested in Fort Worth for commercial DWI, it is recommended that you immediately contact a lawyer.

Commercial DWI Defenses

Fortunately you have defenses. Policemen often make mistakes which invalidate your DWI. They may have stopped you merely to check your driver license and car registration. They may have stopped you for driving too slow without being able to cite a specific law you were violating. They may have pulled you over for a violation you were not guilty of. They may have no other evidence of the DWI than your personal statement. The breath test may have been improperly administered. Your DWI attorney will know of these defenses and be ready to use them in your defense if they apply.

Aggressive Legal Representation

The Alband Law Firm is a Fort Worth DWI law firm that prides itself on strong advocacy and conscientious service. We are experienced and dedicated in defending against commercial DWI as we understand that your livelihood is at stake. We invite you to meet with us. We will review your case to discover all possible defenses. We will advise you of what to expect and how we may assist.