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About Ignition Interlock Device and DWI Cases

Have you been ordered to get an Ignition Interlock Device?

Certain DWI convictions will lead to the requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle you drive. This is an expensive proposition, and the cost installation of the device will be paid for by you. For those who find that they don't have the funds for the device, in some cases they will be allowed to pay over time. The device will only allow you start your vehicle after blowing into the device and having no trace of alcohol in your breath. This can be a tough restriction, and expensive, and is most often a requirement for those who have had more than one DWI conviction. If you are found to be driving another vehicle without the device or are DWI again, your license will be revoked for an extended period of time.

Multiple DWI Convictions Result in an Ignition Interlock Device

If you have been convicted of a 2nd, 3rd or subsequent DWI offense, you will be facing this penalty, among others. State lawmakers have made it extremely tough on those who are repeat offenders. You will likely be spending an extended time in jail or prison, as well as owing thousands of dollars in fines. It is an urgent matter that you have the support of a highly skilled lawyer from our firm to assist you in defending any DWI offense when you have a conviction on record. Every effort should be made to get a not guilty verdict, get your charges reduced or get your case dismissed altogether. Our legal team is proud of our record in defending even the most serious DWI offenses. As many individuals do not understand that they could defend their case instead of pleading guilty, they give up and take the punishment. In many of these cases, had they chosen to get a powerful defense lawyer, there were strong defense possibilities in the case that could have been used and the individual would have avoided the penalty of an ignition interlock device installation.