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Charged with DWI? Just because you have been arrested doesn't make you guilty either. In the state of Texas, you are innocent until proven guilty. Texas is known for its severe drunk driving penalties and these charges are fairly taboo in the eyes of the law. When facing such a tough prosecution, you must counteract it with even tougher defense. That is why you must contact our legal team at the Alband Law Firm in Fort Worth. Let our experience, reputation and track record work in your favor. We will do everything in our power to help disclaim the prosecution's defense and preserve your future freedom. By submitting this simple case evaluation we can better know the details on your charges and can combat them with a powerful defense tailored to fit your needs. There is no "cookie cutter" defense so we choose to utilize a creative approach for every client. So go ahead, please fill in as much as you can in the areas provided below.