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Our state laws have severe penalties for those who drink and drive. If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI it is urgent that you get immediate legal help from an attorney. Each case must be fully reviewed to determine how your attorney can best defend you in court. Some DWI charges are more serious than others, but even your first offense can result in jail time and affect your future with a driver's license suspension, increased insurance rates and can even have a negative impact on your future employment if a background check is done on you by a prospective employer. We urge you to contact our firm, The Alband Law Firm to discuss your case as soon after your arrest as possible.

The legal team at our firm represents individuals facing all types of drunk driving charges, including DWI, felony DWI and first time DWI. If you are facing another DWI charge and already have multiple DWI offenses, the penalties that you could face grow greater with every offense. If your case involves vehicular manslaughter, your charges can also vary depending on whether the court designates your situation as voluntary or involuntary. If you commit a DWI and then are caught leaving the scene of the accident, your case will be treated as a felony. The state of Texas takes "hit and run" DWI's very seriously especially when it includes DWI with injury. Any time that "serious bodily harm" is inflicted on the victims of a DWI accident, you may be charged with a felony of the third degree. Additional complications and penalties occur anytime that you are charged with DWI & drugs. Even a first time offender can be charged with fines as much as $2,000 for a DWI & drugs offense. For any additional questions that you may have about underage DWI, out of state DWI and commercial driver's license DWI, please don't hesitate to contact The Alband Law Firm. Despite how daunting your charges may appear, we are capable of providing you with information regarding ALR hearings, DWI penalties, DWI defenses, drivers' license restoration and ignition interlock devices.

Our firm has built a growing reputation in the legal community for our aggressive and competent defense for individuals charged with driving while intoxicated. When working with us, you may be able to take advantage of our highly innovative techniques to approaching a DWI charge. We use these techniques as we scrupulously examine all field sobriety tests, including breath & blood tests as we fight relentlessly on your behalf.

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After being charged with driving while intoxicated, you will need the expertise of an experienced and proven DWI defense attorney. Here at the Alband Law Firm, our DWI defense lawyers are prepared to defend even the most extreme cases of DWI. We have a proven track record that speaks for itself. In fact, Attorney Navid Alband has been recognized as a top-tier litigator, considering his acceptance into The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 and The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Don't put your case into the hands of an inexperienced firm unprepared to take on a case of your velocity. It will require a legal team of skilled and resourceful attorneys to swiftly and smoothly run through the process.

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Even if you are innocent, it will be absolutely imperative to secure legal representation at once. A malfunction in a breath or blood test could have caused your wrongful arrest, and you will need a team to help prove this. As a firm intimately knowledgeable of all laws surrounding drunk driving and any related offense, we may be able to put together a compelling defense on your behalf for your DWI charges in Texas.

Through our years of defending clients in DWI cases, we have discovered that there are frequently persuasive options to defend our clients. Law enforcement has been known to cut corners on correct procedures, incorrectly administer tests, or violate the rights of the client through failing to have probable cause to stop them. A full evaluation of what occurred in your case must take place at once if you hope to seek a "not guilty" verdict or have your case dismissed. We have extensive experience in defending DWI cases of all types, and have an impressive record of success for our clients.

Defending DWI cases takes skill and experience. Many such cases are fought in court, and not all attorneys have the aggressive and confident approach when presenting the case that our legal team can provide. Knowledge of the laws surrounding drunk driving offenses as well as the most viable defense possibilities allows our clients to have the assurance that they are represented by an experienced DWI defense lawyer. As each case has unique and individual circumstances, law enforcement actions and involvement and testing results, a full evaluation of the situation is vital if you hope to defend your case or reduce the damage by alternative sentencing or a lesser charge.

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